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+1 8887-3342 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 55th Floor Paulsson Bd. SF
+1 8887-3342 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 55th Floor Paulsson Bd. SF
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Delmar Kuwait Petroleum


Delmar Kuwait Petroleum

Delmar Kuwait Petroleum actively operates in commodity trading in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and will transition, over the next three years, from a niche player into an integrated player at International level.

Delmar Kuwait Petroleum has a diverse portfolio of satisfied customers from all around the world. Over the past few years, Delmar Petroleum has built up an extraordinary network of global partners and trading connections across GCC countries Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa.

The internationalization implicit in our business requires the development of a network of offices in key countries. Our Company has already planned to start the necessary to establish a presence, besides in UAE, in oil hubs in the USA, Europe, Far East for our Company to maintain and keep developing contacts worldwide.


At Delmar Kuwait Petroleum Trading DMCC, our main objective is to provide customers with quality products and professional services that:

  • Fully satisfy their needs
  • Deliver on time and within budget
  • Represent value for money, and through exceptional personal services exceeding expectations

The general objectives of our Company include involvement in the key business areas of trading, brokerage, transport, shipping and logistics services, production, investments, and management of companies – as well as the possession of the key business elements such as technical expertise. Local presence in the markets for the supply and delivery.


Our mission is to develop the commodities trading activity encompassing a wide variety of products and sources including oil, conventional fuels, renewable energy, and other downstream products.

We intend to develop long term strategic partnerships with refineries and other strategic partners.


Delmar Kuwait petroleum is managed by experienced key personnel in commodities trading and International business. Through its expertise, previous market relationships and pooled synergies, Delmar Kuwait will be able to achieve profitability within the business first year of operations.


Delmar Kuwait trades both petroleum-based products such as Base oil, Aromatic oil, Paraffin wax and petroleum-related products such as biodiesel, methanol both renewable and synthetic diesel. We will buy our products in bulk and sell them in various niche markets in bulk, or we will store them and sell them in truck lots at fuel depots/racks in the future.

We also are focusing on refined trading products such as Euro 2 M which is a product from PETRONAS Malaysian Refinery. Where Delmar Kuwait will act as an intermediate to materialize the deal and in future, we may aspire to buy the product solely and sell to our buyers as Delmar Kuwait as Title Owner.

Delmar Kuwait petroleum is in direct communication with prospective refineries and other products from the suppliers both in GCC countries and another part of the world.

In the long term, Delmar Kuwait petroleum intends to grow its involvement in fuels and related products. In addition to the aforementioned, it plans to buy fuel oil and to operate Bunkering operations in Fujeirah.



Delmar Kuwait petroleum Oil deploys experienced traders that understand world trade flows in both traditional fuels and renewable fuels markets. Delmar Kuwait petroleum is active in the global sourcing and placement of commodities such as marine oil, diesel, jet fuel, methanol, biodiesel, etc


Through its global network of contacts, Delmar Kuwait petroleum can for a modest fee assist companies to both source and market products.


Delmar Kuwait petroleum has access to oil storages in the UAE which can be deployed for distribution.

We don’t own the tanks but will rent according to our products storage purpose.

Strategic alliances

Delmar Kuwait petroleum through its key executives has developed excellent relationships worldwide that can be deployed to form strategic alliances to serve the interests of Delmar Kuwait petroleum and its business partners.

Shipping & Chartering

Delmar Kuwait petroleum has key executives well versed in marine logistics and chartering of vessels. Shipping and chartering services are another fee for service activities Delmar Kuwait petroleum can provide.

Logistic Services

Delmar Kuwait petroleum has key executives with years of hands-on experience covering all types of transportation.

Management Of Companies

Delmar Kuwait petroleum has a diverse team of key executives well able to provide management services to companies in the petroleum products, petrochemical, refined petroleum products.

Business Relationships:

We have outstanding relationships with manufacturers, and we aim to develop potential relations

with, oil companies, refineries, traders, distributors and industrial users across the world.


Dr. Yousef Albader


A chemical engineer by profession, Dr. Yousef Al Bader became a leader and has been successful in business throughout his life. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Cairo, Egypt, Masters &Phd in Bio-Engineering from Scotland (UK). During the last 35 years of his business life, he has created goodwill and is branded as is an entrepreneur in many industries.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Dr. Yousef Al Bader an iron man in the oilfield.  Currently, Dr. Yousef Al Bader is CEO & Managing Director of Delmar Kuwait Petroleum Company.

Dr. Yousef experience Includes:

  •  Consultancy in the areas of finance, marketing, international government, oil and gas, and biofuels investments.
  •  International development of new markets and international trade management Business Development in Kuwait – developing new markets around the globe.
  •  Investment Consultant in purchases of petroleum products, fuel, and biofuels. Oil and Gas Consultant, focusing in GCC markets, buying oil and other refined oil products
  •  International Trading Operations – creating new relations with leading Oil Companies
  • Marketing Research

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